My sincere thanks to all who have shown their confidence in me by endorsing my candidacy for Walnut Creek City Council, including the community leaders who signed my Nomination Papers.

Who Supports Kevinicon_endorse_ro

Nomination Paper Signators 

Mayor Rich Carlston (ret.)

Ronald Cassano, City Treasurer

Karen Cohen

Michael Cohen

Linda Rimac Colberg

Samantha Francois, Planning Commission

Barry Gordon

Sue Hamill

Katha Hartley

Mayor Kathy Hicks (ret.)

Gerald Hicks

Brian Hirahara

Jerry Kaplan, Planning Commission (former)

Peter Lezak, Planning Commission

Gage Mettler

Jill Okimoto

Mayor Sue Rainey, (ret.)

State Senator Richard K. Rainey (ret.)

Rayna Ravitz

Richard Ravitz

Steve Reiser

Nan Siegel

Mayor Gary Skrel (ret.)

Andrea Kelly Smethurst

Rob Stankus

Marilyn Weiss, Design Review Commission

Nessa Wilk

Diane Crowley Young

How You Can Help


“Kevin has positive communication skills with a track record of being involved and getting things done. With his hard work and dedication to the community, he has earned my support.”
Kathy Hicks, Former Mayor

“Kevin Wilk envisions a city that supports all community members, including students who attend our schools here and happen to live beyond the borders of Walnut Creek. He works hard to build bridges between the city and the Mt Diablo School Unified School District, and that collaboration benefits us all. Kevin is open and willing to hear all voices to make the best decisions he can to make this a thriving city for everyone.”
Cherise Khaund, MDUSD School Board

“ In both his Commissioner experience and particularly as our City Council member, Kevin fights for residents of all ages in Walnut Creek. He is pragmatic and yet a visionary. He cares for all of us.”
Marilyn Weiss, Rossmoor resident, Design Review Commissioner


Neighborhood Meet & Greets

Wednesday, Sept 21st.
7pm – 8:30pm
21 Greenway Drive

Friday, Sept 23rd.
5:30pm – 7pm
1950 Whitecliff Court

Sunday, October 9th
3pm – 5pm
251 Los Banos Avenue

Tuesday, Oct 11
7pm – 8:30pm
3535 Cassena Drive

Thursday, Oct 13th
7pm – 8:30pm
2438 Larkey Lane

Monday, Oct 17th.
7pm – 8:30pm
240 Tampico

Thursday, Oct 20th.
7pm – 8:30pm
3053 Cafeto Drive