Endorsed by the

June 23, 2020 

There is a reason that I’ve raised my family in Walnut Creek, after growing up in this area. it’s because of the wonderful Quality Of Life that Walnut Creek offers every day!  The community services, all the amenities that are offered, the amazing array of restaurants and stores, the beautiful parks, open space, recreational opportunities, theatre, neighborhoods, and so much more make Walnut Creek the best place to live that I’ve ever seen!

Today, I am pleased to announce my re-election campaign for this seat. As I look forward to another election in November, I am humbled by the challenges that lay ahead. I will be, if re-elected, the Mayor of Walnut Creek next year according to the rotation schedule. 

As mayor, we will have to address the following significant challenges, some of which have already started:
  • The profound financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the finances of our city, and how we can set a solid path for the future.
  • Responding in meaningful and actionable ways to issues being raised locally by area residents, community advocates and protesters engaged in the national debate about systemic racism and the role of policing and other community-based resources serving Walnut Creek residents.
  • Work closely with our local business to rebound from recent events while continuing to meet the requirements from our county and state guidelines.
  • Make it easier for companies to provide larger job opportunities for all job sectors locally in order to meet the needs of our next generations, and to rely less on longer lengthy commutes.

During my first term on City Council, I’m proud of much of what we’ve been able to accomplish.  I led the effort in bringing free downtown WiFi for all visitors, and in raising the Pride flag in June. We also became a leading sustainable city by voting to have all city owned buildings powered by 100% clean energy, increase mobility for bikes and pedestrians, and introduced the 2nd all-electric bus route within Walnut Creek.

As a strong supporter of the Arts, I was able to help bring more arts downtown by voting for an outdoor concert stage, The Rudney Plaza at the Lesher Center for the Arts. This is currently under construction, and should be completed by the Fall season.

Finances overall were in excellent shape for most of the past Fiscal Year, and we were well underway to approving the Your Parks Your Future master plan for Heather Farm, and all that goes with it, including hopefully a new 50 meter swim center. When COVID-19 hit, all our lives were upended. Suddenly, our finances changed dramatically, and we are in an emergency crisis that none of us ever thought we’d be facing. While the Shelter-in-Place and re-opening of the economy will continue over the next few months, it will take perhaps 2-3 years to get back on firm financial footing with all the services and businesses that we have appreciated and taken for granted for years.  This will take solid vision and planning to get us out of the economic crisis and back to a prosperous and thriving city. Creative and innovative solutions will need to help bring Walnut Creek back, along with experienced and dedicated leadership. My background in business, marketing, internet technology, and transportation will be critical in helping forge this path.

We need to work as a city, to respond to our community on better ways to address diversity, equity and inclusion. And we need to get behind efforts to find better ways to address mental crisis issues that don’t involved armed responses. 

All of my experiences here in Walnut Creek — as a father, a business person, a city commissioner, a city councilmember, a youth sports coach, a community volunteer, and a long-time resident in a multi-generational family, will help guide me as I work to help make an even better future for Walnut Creek. One that our children and grandchildren would be proud to call their own.

I’m honored that many of our former city councilmembers and community leaders are supporting my campaign, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can over the coming months. We are in for a challenging road ahead in many ways, both personally, civically, and economically. But knowing the people of Walnut Creek, we are ready for this challenge, and will accomplish it together!

Thank you. I appreciate your interest and will work hard to continue to earn your support.